In various scenes
Seamless experience

PaylessGate Technology's technology enables all types of authentication.
In the future, we will develop hardware and software that can be used in various scenes,
Provides a seamless experience.
vending machine

Just put your smartphone in your pocket and your vending machine purchase is complete

convenience store

Only check the name at the cash register. Your purchase is complete.

Electric train

Authentication is completed just by holding a smartphone without taking out the IC card. You can pass through the gate.

Smart key

The car key can be authenticated by the app. It can also be used for sharing cars.


No check-in or card key required. We can cover with one smartphone.

PaylessGate Technology

The technology of “PaylessGate Technology” developed by us is
With touchless personal authentication technology and high-speed and high-accuracy position measurement technology
With your smartphone in your bag or pocket, you can identify location information and authenticate yourself,
Provide seamless user experience in various scenes along with IoT and payment.

96% of global smartphones installed
No special hardware required
Ultra low consumption

Position measurement technology

Currently patented.
Identification zones do not overlap,
Enables personal identification.
Error within 10cm. (Our investigation)

Security technology

Highly secure personal authentication technology that does not require prior pairing between devices

Event management experience


Event reception completed instantly
App "Momentary Easy"


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