The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun introduces the electronic ticket issuing application "Kinraku Raku"

March 2020, 3 In the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, an article for the event reception application "Kinraku Raku" developed by our company was released along with the beta version release,Smartphone authentication in pocket Payless Gate improves application development, event reception efficiencyWas published.

Instant entryIs an electronic ticketing application that completes the reception while keeping your smartphone in your pocket or bag.Payless GateUsing proprietary patented technology, it enables communication with the organizer's terminal while in sleep mode, while realizing security that can not be broken by a supercomputer.

Participants do not have to search for the participation card printed at the reception or show the screen if they register with the smartphone application in advance. This will greatly reduce the event organizer's reception work, and allow participants to enter the venue smoothly without lining up.

* The homepage for instant music ishere

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