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Create the next generation

All human beings are creating the present and next generation of society, and the ways in which they contribute are diverse. We believe that technology contribution is one of the ways to contribute to society for a long time.

Contribute to the world and the community

It is important to create the next generation for the world. In order for society to continue to grow, human growth is indispensable. I think that nurturing each other's companies and people around them leads to their own growth.

Contribute to our customers

We believe that customers use our company, and that they will lead to the next generation.
Being able to help and contribute to our customers is one of the values ​​of our company.

What to do for yourself

What do you live for and what makes you worth living? I think one of the answers is to contribute to society. To do that, we need to be able to work and have fun working on it. To do so, it is important to learn while working.
Creating the next generation. That is to contribute to the world and the community, to our customers, and to do our best for ourselves. We will continue to take on new challenges.

Adachi Appi


Yasuhiko Adachi

Established two venture companies during his undergraduate years, studied ultrasound as a visiting researcher at Pennsylvania State University, and presented at international conferences. After conducting research on quantum mechanics and optics, he applied for 2 patents in five years through research on AI, IoT, optical computers, etc. at a research laboratory under the direct control of the head office of a major electronics manufacturer. Established in 5, assumed office as Representative Director.


Company Information
  • Company Name

    PaylessGate Inc.
    (PaylessGate Corporation)

  • Head office location

    XNUMX-XNUMX Kadotacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
    Hankyu Five Annex Building XNUMXF

  • A director

    Representative Director Adachi Adachi
    Director Takanori Ishibe

  • Establishment


  • Capital

    850 million yen

  • Business outline

    ・ Computer, peripheral equipment and other software development, manufacture and sales ・ Computer software and
    Hardware consulting, planning, research, development, sales, collection / distribution / processing of information / images by communication systems




  • 2018/6

    Established PaylessGate Co., Ltd. in Osaka City, Osaka

  • 2019/2

    Received the XNUMXth "Consortium Research and Development Grant" Excellence Award from Ikeda-Senshu Bank

  • 2019/4

    Concluded joint research agreement with Hyogo Prefectural University

  • 2019/7

    Selected as a Gathering Fan challenge company of Osaka Industrial Creation Center (operated by Osaka City Industrial Promotion Center)
    Adopted in Osaka Prefectural Small and Medium Enterprises etc. Foreign Application Support Project
    Adopted in FYXNUMX second supplementary budget "Small-scale business sustaining subsidy"

  • 2019/8

    Selected for IAG Hands-on Support Program

  • 2019/9

    Adopted as a strategic intellectual property utilization overseas development subsidy
    Posted in Keihanna Venture News
    Selected as a research and development grant by the Mitsubishi UFJ Technology Development Foundation
    Increased capital to 350 million yen

  • 2019/12

    Increased capital to 850 million yen


530F Hankyu Five Annex Building, 0017-XNUMX Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka XNUMX-XNUMX, Japan06-7777-1875contact@paylessgate.com

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