Introducing the non-contact digital gate authentication / payment platform "SpeeIDy" to the autonomous driving bus in a demonstration experiment aimed at improving the efficiency of boarding reception.

Providing a new riding experience that does not require the presentation of smartphones or IC cards

PaylessGate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Yasuko Waka, hereinafter "PaylessGate") will hold "Haneda Smart City EXPO 2022 Spring" at "Haneda Innovation City (hereinafter, HICity)". The world's first digital gate authentication / payment platform developed by PaylessGate for the automatic driving bus that circulates in the HICity facility and at HICity-Haneda Airport Terminal 2022 (April 4 to 22, 4). Introducing "SpeeIDy", we will carry out a demonstration experiment of boarding reception (personal authentication) using a tablet to alleviate congestion at bus stops.In the future, we aim to develop social implementation in multiple areas.

■ Demonstration project: Acceptance of boarding by digital certification for "autonomous driving bus"
 PaylessGate is an event participant by streamlining the reception work of the "autonomous driving bus" that circulates between HICity and HICity-Haneda Airport Terminal 2022 during the event period of "Haneda Smart City EXPO XNUMX Spring" and alleviating congestion at the bus stop. With the aim of improving the convenience of the bus, we will provide a new "ride experience by smartphone terminal authentication" using the patented technology of Payless Gate.
 Specifically, passengers can take a smartphone with PaylessGate's smartphone application "SpeeIDy" installed and set, and tap the name automatically displayed on the reception terminal (tablet) in the bus to complete the boarding reception. Provides a digital authentication system.
 From the passenger's point of view, simply carrying a sleeping smartphone and boarding it saves the trouble of taking out the smartphone for displaying IC cards / electronic tickets and reading QR codes, providing a hands-free and smooth riding experience. Is possible.
 From the operator's point of view, we provide an experience that automatically completes personal authentication and reception by tapping the name that is automatically displayed when the passenger approaches the reception terminal (tablet).
 Through these, Payless Gate improves work efficiency by reducing the time and effort required for boarding reception, saves labor for automatic driving that eliminates the need for crew members, reduces customer service opportunities with passengers in the post corona, and makes non-contact. We provide solutions that meet the needs of.

■ About "Haneda Smart City EXPO 2022 Spring"
 Under the theme of "discovering new possibilities through the fusion of cutting edge and culture," this event will feature various projects that utilize AR (augmented reality), automated driving, NFT (non-fungible token), AI, and Metaverse. It will be held.
 During the period, "Smart City Experience" where you can experience various cutting-edge technologies such as transportation / security / communication robots, mobility, AR services, disaster prevention technology, new sports "HADO" using AR technology, NFT art and You can enjoy "NFT Art Exhibition drawn by AI" where you can feel the world of AI close to you, "Marche around Japan" using direct air transportation and ICT, and "Hane Lab" where you can learn programming.
 In addition, within HICity, we will fully implement measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection (including measures using measures such as carbon dioxide concentration measurement with sensors).

Please see the following URL for the press release regarding "Haneda Smart City EXPO 2022 Spring".

■ Overview of digital gate authentication / payment platform "SpeeIDy"
 Digital gate authentication / payment platform "SpeeIDy" is the world's first technology (* XNUMX) owned by PaylessGate, which uses highly accurate position authentication of sleeping smartphone terminals, and is a hands that could not be realized in the past. It enables free terminal authentication (without operating a smartphone).
 Social needs are high for non-contact and non-face gate authentication in post-corona, and various authentication / payment sites such as event reception, facility entry / exit management, transportation boarding / alighting management, cash register, etc. Deployment is expected.Currently, we are developing a product using "SpeeIDy", and we plan to officially launch it in 2022.

Advantages of introduction on the business side

  • It is possible to introduce a full-scale digital gate at a low price without purchasing large gate equipment, and it is possible to authenticate / settle in the real scene without stressing customers. 
  • Touch-hands-free high-speed, high-precision authentication / payment shortens operation time compared to conventional authentication technology, reduces face time, and increases users by reducing contact, delay, and congestion. To realize, etc. 
  • By linking with "SpeeIDy" from your own website or application, it is possible to make authentication / payment touch-hands-free.

Benefits of introduction on the user side

  • By installing one authentication app, single sign-on that can support multiple authentications / payments is realized and convenience is improved.
  • It is possible to perform authentication / payment with touch and hands-free without starting up the smartphone.
  • In the case of hands-free, it can be used even while both hands are blocked or while walking, greatly reducing the hassle of authentication / payment.

The "SpeeIDy" app can be downloaded from the following site.

Future utilization scene 

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