Raised a total of over 1 million yen in seed rounds

Development of the world's first hands-free authentication payment platform and strengthening of business foundation

The Company has a seed round third-party allotment of shares underwritten by Edge Capital Partners Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomotaka Goji, hereinafter "UTEC") and financing facilities of financial institutions. By securing, we raised a total of 1.3 million yen.

■ Purpose of financing
 Our company was established in 2018 with the mission of "providing the ultimate personal authentication to the real world and making the world happy with a seamless experience", and hands-free authentication payment using Bluetooth of smartphones that no one could realize in the past. We have been promoting our business to provide a platform.
 The funds raised this time will be used to further strengthen the business foundation by developing the non-contact and non-face-to-face digital gate authentication / payment platform "Smart Wallet", which has increasing social needs in post-corona, and hiring human resources to promote the business. ..

■ Services / products to be developed and future prospects
 "Smart Wallet" uses both "high-precision position measurement technology using Bluetooth" and "high-security authentication technology that cannot be broken even by a super computer", which is the world's first technology (* XNUMX) owned by our company. A digital gate authentication / payment platform that provides an unprecedented customer experience.
 By simply putting the sleeping smartphone in a pocket or bag, the user can perform hands-free or walk-through authentication / payment without removing or operating the terminal.
 Businesses such as stores can also introduce hands-free high-speed, high-precision authentication payments simply by installing low-priced and small hardware, reducing face-to-face time, non-contact, and improving efficiency by reducing delays and congestion. And realize labor saving.

 In addition, on December 2021, 12, we concluded a cooperation agreement for the purpose of promoting smart cities such as DX promotion of transportation services in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, and we are providing the function of "Smart Wallet" in the demonstration project of the city. ..In the future, we plan to officially launch it in 1 by further strengthening and improving the functions by repeating demonstration experiments for social implementation.

Please see the following URL for the details of the demonstration experiment.

Furthermore, "Smart Wallet" will be exhibited at the world's largest technology trade fair "CES 2022" to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from January 1, 5. Starting with exhibiting at "CES 2022", we will accelerate development with a view to expanding our business not only in Japan but also overseas.

Please see the following URL for the Payless Gate posting site of "CES 2022".

■ Comments from Edge Capital Partners, University of Tokyo

 UTEC Director / Partner Noriaki Sakamoto

 Payless Gate is a startup with authentication technology that can be said to be the final form of the real world.The current situation is that memory authentication, biometric authentication, and physical authentication greatly impair user convenience. PaylessGate is a team that takes on innovative challenges for secure and highly accurate authentication while combining deep knowledge in the authentication field with the latest technological capabilities centered on mathematics and physics.We hope that by utilizing this technology, we will become a platformer in the future certification area.

(About Edge Capital Partners, University of Tokyo)
 Since its founding in April 2004, venture capital has achieved results by making numerous investments in startups that face entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers sincerely and challenge the challenges of the world and humankind.With an investment strategy of creating startups that challenge the global market and human issues, we collaborate with domestic and overseas academia such as the University of Tokyo to provide consistent hands-on support from the seed / early stage to startups that have strengths in a wide range of science and technology. I do.So far, it has invested in more than 4 startups, of which 120 have been listed on the stock market and 13 have exited through M & A.

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