PaylessGate Technology

PaylessGate technology developed by us is
With touchless personal authentication technology and high-speed and high-accuracy position measurement technology
With your smartphone in your bag or pocket, you can identify location information and authenticate yourself,
Provide seamless user experience in various scenes along with IoT and payment.

96% of global smartphones installed
No special hardware required
Ultra low power consumption

Security technology

Highly secure personal authentication technology that does not require prior pairing between devices

Position measurement technology

Currently patented.
Identification zones do not overlap,
Enables personal identification.
Error within 10cm. (Our investigation)

PaylessGateTechnology's Strengths


An application that completes event reception instantly
  • Event announcement
  • Issuing tickets
  • Reception radar
  • Participant management
  • Reception side app free for 1st unit

The future made by PaylessGate Technology

Make the world happy with a seamless experience

When entering a cinema, theme park, expo, exhibition, or other event, it was once a matter of passing a paper ticket at the entrance. Currently, authentication methods such as barcode, NFC, and biometrics are used as the next-generation admission method, but work such as recognizing printed barcodes, IC cards, and smartphone screens with a dedicated reader is necessary, It is troublesome for the user, and the provider needs a lot of gate cost and manpower.

By using high-speed and high-accuracy personal position measurement technology and personal identification technology using Bluetooth beacons developed by our company, users only need to purchase tickets in advance with applications placed in smartphones, without holding the smartphone from the bag, If you go to the entrance of the event, you will be recognized as a ticket purchaser by the location authentication system and you can enter without touch. On the provider side, high-speed reception is possible only with tablets for small-scale events, etc., and the introduction of high-speed unmanned gates at large theme parks can reduce the required number of units. It is possible to reduce the cost of manpower and gates compared to.

Starting with small business events such as seminars and briefings, it is expected to be widely used in museums and cinemas, cultural events such as music festivals and plays using unmanned authentication gates and payment devices, large-scale commercial facilities such as amusement parks and baseball stadium, and in the future, ticket gates that can be completely walk-through, unmanned convenience stores, and entry / exit management.

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