PaylessGate Terms of Service (General Rules)

These Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") are the use of all products and services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by PaylessGate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company"). The conditions regarding the above are set between us and the customer.

1. Application of terms

This agreement applies to all customers who use this service.In addition, the Company may establish individual provisions, guidelines, and other provisions that accompany it, and the individual provisions, guidelines, and other provisions form part of this agreement (hereinafter, this agreement, individual provisions, and other provisions). The guidelines, etc. are collectively referred to as the "Terms, etc.").If the contents of the individual provisions, guidelines, etc. differ from this agreement, unless otherwise specified, the individual provisions, guidelines, etc. specific to the service will be applied in preference to this agreement. Suppose.By agreeing to these Terms, you can use this service, and by using this service, you are deemed to have agreed to all the items of these Terms, etc. and the privacy policy.

2. Our role

The Company provides a place for customers to settle transactions and payments with corporations or individuals including the Company (hereinafter referred to as "Platform"), and the corporation or individual (hereinafter referred to as "Service Provider"). Can use our platform to make transactions and settle payments with you.In addition, we are not involved in the actual transaction between the service provider and the customer.Therefore, when the transaction is completed, a contract will be established between the service provider and the customer.

3. Create an account

  1. You may need to create an account to use this service.Customers who have completed the registration procedure can acquire an account after completing the prescribed procedure.
  2. When registering to create an account, please agree to these terms and privacy policy and enter the necessary information accurately.If the registered information is not true and up-to-date, you may not be able to use this service.
  3. You are responsible for registering your account.Registration by proxy is not permitted at all.
  4. If you are a minor, please be sure to obtain the consent of your guardian before proceeding with the registration procedure.In addition, if a minor applies for an account, it will be treated as if the consent of the guardian has been obtained.
  5. We may refuse to create an account for those who have canceled their account for this service in the past or who we deem unsuitable.

4. Management of passwords and user IDs

  1. The customer shall manage and store the password, user ID, etc. at his / her own risk, and shall not allow a third party to use, lend, transfer, change the name, buy or sell, etc.
  2. The customer shall be liable for damages caused by insufficient management of passwords or user IDs, mistakes in use, use by third parties, etc., and the Company shall not be liable at all.We assume that the user name and password (including similar ones such as e-mail address and telephone number) entered when using this service are registered in your account by the authentication method specified by us that identifies you. If they match, we consider that you have used it.
  3. If the password or user ID is stolen or found to be used by a third party, the customer shall immediately notify the Company and follow the instructions from the Company.

5. Change registration information

If the information registered in your account changes, please change it immediately.The Company is not liable for any damages caused by the customer's failure to change the registered information.In addition, even if changes are made, transactions that have already been completed before the change will be conducted based on the information before the change.

6. Withdrawal

  1. You may delete your account and withdraw at any time unless you are currently using the Service and cannot interrupt it and we do not have your consent to withdraw.If the customer wishes to withdraw from the membership, he / she will promptly apply for withdrawal on this service.Customers who wish to withdraw from the membership will be withdrawn after completing the prescribed withdrawal procedures.
  2. If the customer withdraws from the membership, the information before withdrawal will not be returned even if the customer newly registers for this service.
  3. If you withdraw, you will lose all rights acquired in connection with this service.However, the customer is not exempt from the obligations and debts that arise based on the reasons before the termination of this agreement.

7. Fees and payment methods

  1. The customer shall bear the usage fee separately determined by the Company as a consideration for using this service.
  2. The usage fee shall be paid to the Company by the date and method separately determined by the Company.
  3. If the customer delays the payment of the usage fee, the customer shall pay the delay damages to the Company at a rate of 14.6% per year.

    8. Attribution of rights

    All ownership and intellectual property rights related to our website and this service belong to us or the person who has licensed us, and the license to use this service based on the registration stipulated in this agreement belongs to our website. Or, it does not mean the license of the intellectual property rights of the Company or the person who has licensed the Company regarding this service.You include, but are not limited to, acts that may infringe the intellectual property rights of us or those who license us for any reason (including, but not limited to, disassembly, decompilation, reverse engineering). .) Will not be done.

    9. Preferences

    All equipment, equipment, software and communication means necessary for the customer to use this service shall be properly prepared, installed and operated at the customer's own risk and expense.We are not involved in your access environment to this service and do not take any responsibility.

    10. Our disclaimer

    1. We are not responsible for the following matters.Please use this service after judging its usefulness at your own risk.
      1. All information provided by this service (information provided by e-mail etc. sent in connection with this service, etc., and within the link site managed and operated by a third party displayed on this service Including all information contained in)), usefulness, suitability, completeness, accuracy, safety, legality, up-to-dateness, etc.
      2. Email content sent from our web pages, servers, domains, etc. does not contain computer viruses or other programs that could have a harmful effect on your computer, device or device.
      3. No problems, errors, failures or other problems with this service
      4. Information and advice that we provide to our customers as appropriate
    2. The Company intends to incur any damages (whether direct or indirect, financial damages or mental damages) caused by the use or inability to use this service, including the following matters. Or, we do not take any responsibility unless there is gross negligence.
      1. Damage caused to the customer due to system interruption, delay, cancellation, data loss, etc. due to a failure of the communication line or computer when the customer uses this service.
      2. Damage caused to the customer due to unauthorized modification of our service by a third party, unauthorized access, contamination of computer virus, etc., despite the fact that we have taken reasonable safety measures.
    3. If the contract with the customer regarding the use of this service based on this agreement falls under the consumer contract stipulated in the Consumer Contract Law, the provision of this agreement that completely exempts the Company from liability for damages does not apply. However, if the damages incurred by the customer as stipulated in such provisions are based on the default or tort of the Company or the liability for nonconformity with the contract, the Company shall normally cause damages except for cases caused by intentional or gross negligence of the Company. In the case of paid services, we shall be liable for damages up to the price (in the case of continuous services, the amount equivalent to one month).
    4. The Company is not liable for any damages caused by the customer's violation of this agreement.
    5. All troubles and disputes that occur between customers or between customers and third parties (including but not limited to service providers) regarding this service shall be handled and resolved at the customer's responsibility. We are not responsible for such matters.

      11. Prohibitions

      1. The Company shall not perform the following acts that fall under any of the items when the customer uses this service.
        1. Acts that violate the law or legally binding administrative measures
        2. Acts that violate this agreement, precautions for using this service, and other applicable agreements regarding this service
        3. Acts of sending obscene information or information that may adversely affect the mind and body of adolescents, and other acts that are offensive to public order and morals
        4. Acts that infringe on intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademark rights of the Company or a third party, property rights, privacy rights, portrait rights, honor rights, and other legal or contractual rights.
        5. In addition to the preceding paragraph, harassment to the Company or a third party
        6. Acts that interfere with our servers, network systems, etc., such as writing harmful computer programs
        7. Unauthorized access to our servers and network systems, or sending harmful emails
        8. Acts of lending or transferring passwords and user IDs to third parties, or acts of sharing these with third parties
        9. The act of assigning, succeeding, or collateralizing all or part of the contractual status of this service to a third party
        10. The act of providing a part or all of the provided information to a third party by copying, copying, transmitting, reprinting, distributing, distributing, etc. without obtaining permission from the Company in advance.
        11. The act of intentionally registering false information about the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. of oneself or another person
        12. Acts of writing false or inaccurate content on this service
        13. The act of posting inquiries or complaints regarding the functions of this service and the accuracy of information
        14. Acts that use this service for purposes other than the purpose of this service
        15. Acts that lead to or may lead to crimes such as fraud, abuse of controlled drugs, prostitution, money laundering, etc.
        16. Inviting other customers to transactions outside this service by displaying preferential treatment for transactions outside this service or by other means
        17. Public Offices Election Act, solicitation to a particular idea or religion, or similar act
        18. The act of sending information about heterosexual dating
        19. Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate
      2. If we determine that the act of transmitting your information in this service falls under or may fall under any of the items in the preceding paragraph, we will not notify you in advance of that information. All or part of it can be deleted.The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the customer based on the measures taken by the Company based on this section.

      12. Handling of customer information

      Your registration information will be managed by us in accordance with our privacy policy.The purpose of our company is to provide the customer with this service, improve the content of this service, promote the use of this service (including direct mail), and ensure the sound and smooth operation of this service. Therefore, we shall be able to use it.The applicable registration information shall be all the information entered by the customer when registering for this service.

      13. Suspension of use of this service / cancellation of qualification

      1. If we determine that a specific customer falls under any of the items, we will suspend the use of the service by the customer, change the password and user ID, delete the customer's account, or make a new one without prior notice. We shall be able to refuse registration and take other measures that we reasonably deem necessary and appropriate.The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the customer.
        1. When there is an act that violates the law and this agreement, or when we judge that there is a risk of it
        2. When there is fraudulent activity regarding the use of this service
        3. If there is a problem with security protection such as a mistake in entering the password more than a certain number of times
        4. When using another customer's user name and password
        5. If your registration information turns out to be false
        6. If there is a delay in payment for the price paid to us
        7. When we determine that it is appropriate
        8. When payment is suspended or insolvent, or there is a petition for bankruptcy proceedings, civil rehabilitation proceedings, corporate reorganization proceedings, special liquidation or similar proceedings.
        9. If you receive a dishonored check for a bill or check that you have drawn or underwritten yourself
        10. When there is a petition for seizure, provisional seizure, provisional disposition, compulsory execution or auction
        11. If you are subject to tax delinquency
        12. If you die or if you are judged to start guardianship, start guardianship, or start assistance
        13. If you have not used this service for 12 months or more and have not responded to the contact from us
      2. If any of the reasons in the preceding paragraph applies, the customer will naturally lose the profit due to all of the debts owed to the Company and must immediately pay all the debts to the Company. not.
      3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the customer due to the actions taken by the Company based on this article.

      14. Service interruption / change / termination

      1. The Company shall be able to suspend, change or terminate the provision of all or part of this service or individual service (including cancellation of the contract for the ongoing individual service) without notifying the customer. We are not responsible for any damage caused to a third party.
      2. If the provision of this service is terminated, these terms and conditions will be terminated at the same time as the provision of this service is terminated.
      3. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the obligation to pay the usage fee of this service by the customer that occurred before the end of provision of this service shall not be eliminated.In addition, Articles 10, 15, XNUMX and XNUMX will be valid even after the termination of these Terms and Conditions.
      4. If the customer withdraws from the membership, these terms and conditions will be terminated.

      15. Consignment

      The Company shall be able to outsource all or part of its own business stipulated in these Terms, etc. to a third party.

      16. Revision of these Terms, etc.

      If we deem it necessary, we may revise these Terms and Conditions and establish individual provisions to supplement these Terms and Conditions without notifying the customer in advance.When we revise or supplement these Terms, we will notify the customer of the time when the change will take effect, the fact that the change will take effect, and the content of the change by notification or appropriate method.If the customer uses this service or does not take the procedure for withdrawal after notification or notification by an appropriate method, the customer is deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms, etc. and the supplemented Terms, etc. will do.

      17. Elimination of antisocial forces

      1. The customer tells the Company that he / she (in the case of a corporation, a representative, an officer, or a person who substantially controls management) is a gangster, a gangster member, a gangster-related company, a general assembly shop, a socially-marked goro, or special intelligence. We express that we do not fall under the category of antisocial forces such as violent groups (hereinafter referred to as "antisocial forces"), and we promise that we will not fall under this category in the future.
      2. The Company shall be able to cancel the contract for using this service, etc. without notifying if the customer is found to belong to an antisocial force.
      3. If the Company cancels the contract for using this service pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the customer, and the customer shall be liable for the damages caused to the Company. will do.

      18. Governing law, consensus jurisdiction

      These Terms, etc. shall be construed in accordance with Japanese law, and if a litigation is necessary regarding these Terms, etc., the Osaka District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.

      19. Separability

      Even if any provision of this Agreement or a part thereof is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by the Consumer Contract Law or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions or parts of this Agreement will continue to be complete. The Company and the customer shall make the invalid or unenforceable clause or part legal, modify it to the extent necessary to have enforcement power, and the purpose of the invalid or unenforceable clause or part. We shall endeavor to ensure the same legal and economic effects.

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