We conclude a cooperation agreement with Saitama City and provide a non-contact / digital gate authentication / payment platform "Smart Wallet" for demonstration experiments of on-demand transportation services using AI systems.

Developed the world's first hands-free terminal authentication technology in post-corona

We signed a partnership agreement with Saitama City (Location: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Mayor: Hayato Shimizu) on December 2021, 12, and utilized the non-contact digital gate authentication / payment platform "Smart Wallet" developed by our company. We have decided to cooperate in promoting smart cities such as DX promotion of transportation services that utilize our technology.As the first collaboration, the AI ​​on-demand transportation service demonstration project "Miso RED Taxi" (December 1, 2021 to February 12, 13) will be implemented in the city's smart city model area "Miso District". We will introduce "Smart Wallet" in (until the day) to provide a hands-free boarding and alighting experience.In the future, we aim to develop social implementation in multiple areas.

■ Overview of Digital Gate Authentication / Payment Platform "Smart Wallet"
 The digital gate authentication / payment platform "Smart Wallet" is a hands-free technology (* 2022) that we have not been able to achieve in the past by applying high-precision position authentication of sleeping smartphone terminals. It enables terminal authentication (without operating a smartphone).Social needs are increasing as non-contact / non-face-to-face gate authentication in post-corona, and it is expected to be applied to various authentication / payment situations such as transportation boarding / alighting management, office entry / exit management, event reception, and cash register. I am.Currently, we are developing a product using "Smart Wallet", and we plan to officially launch it in XNUMX.

(Service configuration)

Advantages of introduction on the business side

  • It is possible to introduce a full-scale digital gate at a low price without purchasing large gate equipment, and it is possible to authenticate / settle in the real scene without stressing customers.
  • Hands-free high-speed, high-precision authentication / payment shortens operation time compared to conventional authentication technology, reduces face-to-face time, non-contact, and increases users by reducing delays and congestion.
  • Hands-free walk-through of authentication / payment is possible by linking with "Smart Wallet" from the company's website or application.

Advantages of introduction on the user side

  • Simply put your smartphone in your pocket or bag, and you can perform hands-free and walk-through authentication / payment without any operation.
  •  It can be used even while working, such as when both hands are blocked or while walking, greatly reducing the hassle of authentication / payment.
  • Convenience that can support multiple authentication / payment by installing one authentication application

 (Image of using the app: In the case of on-demand taxi)

* You can download the app from the LP site below.

Utilization scene

■ Demonstration project: Hands-free authentication settlement for "Miso RED Taxi"
 さいたま市美園地区でAIシステムを用いたオンデマンド交通サービスの第1期実証実験が2021年3月〜4月に実施されており、第2期実証実験が2021年12月〜2022年2月に実施されます。 PaylessGateは、第2期実証実験であるAIオンデマンド交通サービス実証事業「みそのREDタクシー」に参加し、オンデマンド交通の利便性をより向上することを目的として、PaylessGateの特許技術を用いた新たな「ウォークスルーな乗車体験・運行体験」を提供します。

 Specifically, by having passengers carry a smartphone with our smartphone app installed and set on board, it is not necessary to exchange fares such as presenting or reading the smartphone to the crew.Crew members will be able to check the number of passengers and information on the bus stop in real time using the tablet terminal in the car, so we will provide a solution that reduces the chances of customer service with passengers in the post corona and meets the needs of non-contact. ..In addition, by shortening the time for getting on and off the bus, we will reduce face-to-face time and promote an increase in users by reducing non-contact, delay and congestion.

Please see the following URL for the details of the demonstration experiment.

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