We will be on stage in the networking program "Startup Trends in Osaka / Kansai Area (Winter 2020)"

We will be on stage at the "Networking Program," an initiative to support the construction of a wide range of networks that transcend industry and scale, which is being implemented at the urban open innovation base "Xport."

This time, we will introduce the survey on startups conducted by the NPO Ecological Association and even though economic activities are stagnant, we will grasp the trends of startups in the Osaka / Kansai area through presentations from startup companies that are continuously active, and future growth. The purpose is to consider the strategy.

Currently, it is planned to hold a hybrid between the venue and online, and non-members can also participate for free.
* Depending on the trend of new coronavirus infection, we may change to online participation only.Please note .
▼ Please check the event information below before applying.

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